About Us

Northern Light is a Canadian mission to send one or more landers to the surface of Mars in 2007 or 2009.
The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has identified the exploration of Mars as a key theme in its space program. Northern Light will assist in the international effort to explore Mars and will provide niche science using Canadian expertise.

The Northern Light lander and rover systems will be equipped with sophisticated scientific instruments to examine the Martian environment. This Canadian Mars mission will provide extensive new information on the Martian atmosphere, surface and subsurface. Our science goals include the search for water, the search for life, the investigation of the Martian atmosphere and preparation for sample return.

The science team for Northern Light currently includes more than fifty scientists from twelve universities from across Canada. The mission is being developed by a public-private consortium of academic and industrial organizations led by Thoth Technology. For more information on the Northern Light Mars mission, please contact Thoth Technology Inc.

The Northern Light team congratulates NASA and ESA on their successful missions to Mars.