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The Northern Light Lander
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Renaissance of the Algonquin Radio Observatory featured in story by Matthew Braga Full Story

Globe and Mail - 11 August 2013
Ground-breaking research at the Algonquin Radio Observatory featured in story by Ivan Semeniuk Full Story

Marketwire - 18 October 2012
Algonquin Radio Observatory Featured Today on Discovery Channel's Daily Planet Full Story

Marketwire - 15 July 2010
Award-winning Argus sensors to fly in space Full Story

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Mars Exploration
The Lander
The Northern Light lander probe has a mass under 50 kg (including payload) and is made of an advanced composite material that includes thermal shielding and shock absorption. The probe includes solar arrays to generate power for the instrumentation and lander avionics.
Our plan is for the widespread exploration of Mars using low cost, off-the-shelf technology. We will characterise the Martian surface environment as well as determine what future technologies will be required to sustain a future human presence.
To date, there have been six successful missions to the surface of Mars. The NASA Viking spacecraft were the first very successful lander missions, deploying two large landers in 1976.